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Welcome to my landscape photography posts and forum for their display!  As a Colorado Photographer specializing in nature and landscape photography I am happy to present these images for your enjoyment.   Please browse at your leisure.

 My photographs are displayed as realistically as possible, as a friend by my side would see these places through their own eyes. In post processing I make only minimal adjustments to the images, slight exposure corrections or color balancing.  When shooting I only use neutral density and graduated neutral filters, nothing to modify the landscape before me but rather most adequately capture what I see at that moment.  I don’t feel the need to alter the significant visual experience of our wilderness from it’s presented natural form.  Spending time in our national forest and park areas is a privelege.  I’m thankful we have these places to experience and pleased to share them in this capacity. 

I welcome any and all comments, discussion, questions, and of course…compliments! Images are available for purchase as fine art gallery prints or as greeting cards.  I’ll work hard to make sure any order you make is delivered to your satisfaction.  I must state the obvious at this point so bear with me; all images are the property of David Korn and Wide Eyed Images and are not allowed to be used or reproduced without my consent in writing.

Check out the links in the section at the right of the page if you are interested in photography or in simply getting outside; they are fantastic resource sites.  As a note, I do have a personal association with Families First, a local non-profit organization that does difficult work with abused kids in our community.  It is important people know there are resources available for things other than hobby or recreation…Thanks for visiting Wide Eyed Images.

“The object of art is to give life a shape.”  Shakespeare

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Close Solitude

It is now late fall going on winter (snow here in Denver today), prompting me to look at some images from only a short month or two past.  Upper Chicago Lake – yes, there is a Lower Chicago Lake as well – is a beautiful high alpine body of water sitting in the Mt. Evans Wilderness Area about an hour west of Denver.  Our approach was unconventional, driving to the Summit Lake area ABOVE our destination (access via the low point of the left skyline ridge at the top of the picture) and descending into this cirque.  It was a warm late summer day, with a great shared lunch on a rock overlooking the lake and stream.  I actually lay flat on the ground to get “eye-to-eye” with the flowers, already starting to dry and fade at this altitude (nearly 12,000 feet).  As we made our ascent back to the car and parking lot, (en route to Mt. Evans’ summit and the highest paved road in North America!) I stopped and took the photo below of the moon over a formation known as the Black Cliffs.  It’s fascinating…we were less than a mile from paved road, traffic, a full parking lot, and this area still provided separation and wilderness solitude with just a short stretch of the legs.  A little effort = great reward!  Get out More!!

The outlet from Upper Chicago Lake with the Black Cliffs in the background…

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(Un)expected Scene

Travel is special, it’s rewarding and invigorating, especially when its with the perfect lady who wants to share places and memories together.  You never know what you will find…for example, the Northern California coast has innumerable rugged scenes characterized by rocky shore and active surf.  This is the case even in the metro area of SF at the Sutro Baths landmark.  I was looking for picture opportunities and noticed the heart shape in the rock formation off-shore.  How appropriate for our trip – after a wonderful time in Muir Woods and visiting the Napa/Sonoma Valleys, this was the perfect representation of yet another wonderful experience together.

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Golden Gate Variation

A recent trip to San Francisco…of course, I couldn’t go without the requisite image of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We flew in late (delayed flight arrived at about 2am), slept in our rental car for a few hours, and found our way to the Marin Headlands overlook.  We wanted a spectacular sunrise, but clouds and weather gave us this at 6am…Needless to say I tried to make the best of it!  I shot the image in full color, a fairly long exposure, and “unsaturated” all other spectrums only to leave the red tone of the iconic structure (as well as the tail lights of vehicles and some city lights in the distance).  A fun experiment for me.

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Dream Lake, RMNP…Part Duex!

Of course, I can’t post only a single image from the day!  Hiking around the lake continued to bring new compositions.  The sky continued to tease us with the prospect of clearing to reveal surrounding peaks, but the best we saw was fluctuating light bordering on sunshine between waves of incoming fog.  Not bad!  Below is a moderate zoom perspective of the classic view at the lake rendered in black and white.

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Rocky Mountain National Park, Dream Lake

Early October, high in Rocky Mountain National Park…never mind that the aspens were still colored gold only 1000 vertical feet below, today brought a dusting of snow and fog to Dream Lake – aptly named given the tranquil setting, snow frosted trees, and cloud impaired view across the lake.  It amazes me how the seasons change so abruptly at altitude, with the spine of the Park, the Continental Divide, exerting heavy influence on local conditions.  If not here yet, winter is definitely just around the corner!


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Mount Evans View in Black and White

Pursuant to the previous post (Summit Lake Mist), this image depicts the upper reaches and summit of Mount Evans from the lake about 1200 feet below.  A quick rain shower dissipates and clouds roll off in time for the late afternoon sun to warm the north facing amphitheater and remaining snow fields.

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Summit Lake Mist

Summit Lake, high on the Mt. Evans Massif, is ice free by July, but snow hangs on and weather can move in and out any time of year.  The lake is accessible by car (in fact, the highest paved road in North America goes to over 14,000 feet on Mt. Evans) but a short walk from the parking area emerges one in high alpine wilderness.  Flowers are prolific, hikers may see bighorn sheep, mountain goats, marmots and pikas, potentially elk and deer, and many birds.  Lower reaches of the mountain pass through bristlecone pines (that may be several thousand years old) and thick stands of pine and aspen.  In the course of an hour you drive through sub-alpine, alpine, to high tundra.  A very special place that can be enjoyed by everyone given it’s availability.

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