Welcome to Wide Eyed Images!

Welcome to my landscape photography posts and forum for their display!  As a Colorado Photographer specializing in nature and landscape photography I am happy to present these images for your enjoyment.   Please browse at your leisure.

 My photographs are displayed as realistically as possible, as a friend by my side would see these places through their own eyes. In post processing I make only minimal adjustments to the images, slight exposure corrections or color balancing.  When shooting I only use neutral density and graduated neutral filters, nothing to modify the landscape before me but rather most adequately capture what I see at that moment.  I don’t feel the need to alter the significant visual experience of our wilderness from it’s presented natural form.  Spending time in our national forest and park areas is a privelege.  I’m thankful we have these places to experience and pleased to share them in this capacity. 

I welcome any and all comments, discussion, questions, and of course…compliments! Images are available for purchase as fine art gallery prints or as greeting cards.  I’ll work hard to make sure any order you make is delivered to your satisfaction.  I must state the obvious at this point so bear with me; all images are the property of David Korn and Wide Eyed Images and are not allowed to be used or reproduced without my consent in writing.

Check out the links in the section at the right of the page if you are interested in photography or in simply getting outside; they are fantastic resource sites.  As a note, I do have a personal association with Families First, a local non-profit organization that does difficult work with abused kids in our community.  It is important people know there are resources available for things other than hobby or recreation…Thanks for visiting Wide Eyed Images.

“The object of art is to give life a shape.”  Shakespeare

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Great Sand Dunes #4, Star Dune

img_2233_2A visit to the Great Sand Dunes is not complete without a hike to the top – Star Dune – the highest in the Park and affording a commanding view all around.  The hike is tough (if you have ever tried to walk up hills of sand you know what “one step forward and two steps back” really means!), goes about 2.5 miles round trip, and gains 700 feet from the base…that’s a big pile of sand!



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Sand Dunes #3, Life in the Sand

img_2379_2img_2377The wind shapes the sand and creates waves…somehow life finds a way, even in the midst of this harsh environment.  Throughout the dunes were small tracks – look closely at the images and you can see evidence of animals wandering through the sand!

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Sand Dunes #2, Black and White Detail

img_2372_2Subtle waves of sand give texture to the dunes when you view them up close.  From afar they appear to stay the same, from up close they are always changing and shifting in detail.

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Sand Dunes #1, Art and Wilderness

img_2383The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado is a place like no other…39 square miles of the largest dunes in North America, set against the back drop of 14,000 foot peaks in the Sangre de Cristo Range in the southern part of the state.  Soft lines of wind sculpted dunes, cobalt blue sky contrasting with the beige sand, make for endless photo compositions.

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Trail Ridge

IMG_1022Again I find myself on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, a place I’ve been many times.  It never seems to change, yet always presents itself differently on every trip.  Sometimes subtle from the visit before, but always dramatic and awesome.  I spent a day in the park fly fishing and finished the day with a drive to these wonderful views.  Longs Peak, as always, dominates the range from the east side of the park.IMG_1030

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A Rock Enjoys the Afternoon

IMG_0982Sometimes what is encountered on the tundra seems somewhat out of place, like this lone boulder just sitting by itself, apparently enjoying the view!  How did it get there?  How long has it been in that place?  Why aren’t there more?  It certainly made for an interesting subject!

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Colorful Colorado!

IMG_0985On a beautiful afternoon hike along the Herman Lake Trail the most wonderful wildflowers are in bloom in late July.  I’m sure the scene repeats itself 1000x over in every valley throughout our amazing backcountry here in Colorado.  There were flowers I didn’t know the names of in addition to sunflowers, paintbrush, asters, and of course our state flower – the Columbine.  These are just a few quick shots…IMG_0950

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