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A Rock Enjoys the Afternoon

Sometimes what is encountered on the tundra seems somewhat out of place, like this lone boulder just sitting by itself, apparently enjoying the view!  How did it get there?  How long has it been in that place?  Why aren’t there … Continue reading

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Colorful Colorado!

On a beautiful afternoon hike along the Herman Lake Trail the most wonderful wildflowers are in bloom in late July.  I’m sure the scene repeats itself 1000x over in every valley throughout our amazing backcountry here in Colorado.  There were … Continue reading

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Kenosha Pass Afternoon

There are few things better than a bluebird autumn day in Colorado’s high country; crisp mornings and warm sunshine, beautiful colors, the smell of fall leaves, azure blue skies, light breezes…just heaven!

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A Walk in the Woods

I love the senses that are awakened by a good walk in the woods, and fall is the an assault for sight and sound – the smell of the leaves in autumn, the sound of the wind through the trees, the feel of warm sunlight and cool breezes, and the blaze of color and explosion of contrast. New snow and gold aspen are a great combination for all these things… Continue reading

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Snow Lake Marigolds

The hike from Gore Lake to Snow Lake is beautiful; high peaks, rushing streams, long ridges above the trail, and flowers filling the valley. Among the first to emerge in the spring are the marsh marigolds, growing on moist slopes immediately after snow melts away. Continue reading

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