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To focus your search on interesting subject matter please click on the above category image buttons.  You may also use the search feature at the upper right of the page to input keywords (“rock”, “lake”, “falls”, etc.) to narrow results.  You’ll find that many images repeat between categories, as I’ve found it difficult to limit the description for most pictures to a single word or phrase.

Undoubtably you’ll find something you like!  I welcome comments and/or questions about any image.  Feedback, both positive and constructive mind you, will help me as a photographer going forward.  I have a lifetime to learn how to produce stronger images through both productive criticism and genuine compliment.

Above all please enjoy.  Few things can be more gratifying to an artist/photographer than to evoke emotional response in a viewer through one of their pictures.  I don’t even need to know about it; that’s why they are here.