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Photography has held an interest for me for a long time.  Progressing to the point of managing my own website is very satisfying.  My skills have grown over time through trial and error (and error, and error…”Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” Ansel Adams).  Moving to a wider forum than family gifts is finally justified.  I mean this in the sense that despite my hard self-critique, I feel I have “finally” put together the beginnings of a nice portfolio.

I first enlarged and framed a picture I had taken on a spring break trip to Florida’s panhandle in the mid 1980’s.  I was on a ferry near Gulf Shores or Pensacola (somewhere…) and thought a shot of a pelican in the harbor, gliding through morning fog, over water, between moored fishing boats, and backlit by early morning sun, would make a nice picture.  I knew little of composition and metering but managed to capture something I was really proud of.  I was hooked.  This blog site is the eventual result of that first experience.

In addition to working on this blog (not a “computer guy” so it’s been a learning experience) I have put effort into making some of my art public.  I have done so via donating prints to charitable events for fundraising purposes.  I should mention that a company called WhisperWalls, the gallery print provider for my art, has been wonderful in contributing the production portion for these events…The response to the gallery prints has been encouraging and has given me the confidence to move forward.

I had also entered a photography competition sponsored by Colorado media called “Capture My Colorado.”  The project was unique in that it was a peer nominating process (including all other artists who had contributed photographs) wherein all images submitted were voted for inclusion into the proposed hardcover coffee table book.  I’m proud to say that of 17,765 submissions and 776 photographers I was chosen to have an image (one of less than 200 printed) represented in the final publishing.  I am currently working on my own book, but I must admit the costs are daunting and the learning curve steep.  I feel it’s an attainable goal, however, and it keeps me motivated.

My “day job” is that of Chief Lending Officer with a fantastic local bank here in the Denver Tech Center. I’ve been in the industry for 25 years now and am fortunate to have landed with such an outstanding group.  I find time to photograph around my time there and between activity with my family.  I also volunteer time serving as Treasurer on the Executive Board of a wonderful organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of child abuse called Families First (see links).  People there are amazing in their dedication, amazing in the face of difficult and sometimes heartbreaking situations.  My few hours a month pale in comparison to the full time effort many others make in improving the lives of unfortunate kids and desparate families.

Like most here in Colorado I am always looking to the next adventure somewhere in the mountains.  The season doesn’t matter, all are inspiring in this beautiful place I call home.  When I am able to get into the high country I may be found hiking, flyfishing, climbing, camping, telemark skiing, mountain biking, or just driving over a high mountain pass.  Colorado has an abundance of state lands and national forest as well as state and national parks.  Additionally, about 3.4 million acres are designated as National Wilderness Areas, no roads or motorized travel.  There are 43 such designated areas in Colorado alone…Talk about solitude!  What a fantastic playground, photographic opportunities are everywhere!   I am truly blessed.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Mike says:

    Really nice write-up about who you are and why you have this passion for nature photography. I wish you all the luck in the world as you follow your dream!

  2. Jude says:

    Your work is truly professional–can’t wait for your to publish your first book! I’d be honored to owe the first copy!

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