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Stormy Weather

Clouds gather over the Gore Mountains, looking south over Dora Lake in the Eagles Nest Wilderness. The mood was stormy and gray from that point on in the evening. Continue reading

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Storm to the East!

At high elevations, clouds take on a whole new nature, presenting themselves as larger than life, sometimes intimidating. The tremendous buildup of summer rainstorms pushes clouds high into the atmoshpere, catching light and often adding drama. Continue reading

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Uneva Peak

Uneva Peak is a beautiful peak that sits high above Vail Pass. The peak is near the southern terminus of the Gore Range and the Eagles Nest Wilderness. A storm to the west approaches the peak and begins to engulf the rest of the range behind Uneva. Continue reading

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Evening Clouds

Storm coulds to the south of Mt Evans gather on an August evening. The view from high on the mountain is enhanced by the beautiful tarn, reflecting the clouds and revealing it’s rocky bottom beautifully. Continue reading

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Heaven and Earth

Photography literally means “painting with light.” The rocks and the clouds that gather in the distance provide a backdrop (and reflective quality) that even our imagination can’t improve upon. I was fortunate to be high on Mt. Evans as storm clouds gathered over the front range, dramatic and awesome. Continue reading

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Crystal Mill and Rocks

Colorado’s iconic Crystal Mill is perched above it’s namesake river on a dark autumn afternoon. The leaves litter the rocks as the river turns and falls past the mill, with clouds beginning to build for snow flurries. Made for an exciting drive out on the rough 4×4 road leading to the mill, south of Aspen. Continue reading

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Canyon Majesty

The Grand Canyon is a very difficult place to capture adequately. I was fortunate enough to have some weather move across the canyon and create some drama for this particular image. The clouds and the storm give the immense space of the Canyon some depth, some reference. Continue reading

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